Any Questions?

Bible Verse: Habakkuk 1:2

O LORD, how long shall I cry, And You will not hear? Even cry out to You, “Violence!” And You will not save.

Any questions:

All my life, I’ve had questions. In my younger days, I remember constantly asking questions and driving family members crazy. My favourites are still “why” and “why not”. However, being inquisitive has its drawbacks. Sometimes, the answers we find are not what we’re looking for. Also, there are some things in life that we have to just accept, suspend our disbelief, and trust even when we can’t see. I’ve come to learn that God often works this way so that He can increase our faith.

Yet, there are appropriate times to ask God questions. I save my most pressing “why’s” and “why not’s” for my time with Him. When we have questions, we must seek God’s Word for the answers. He has given His word as a guide to unravel the perplexities of daily life.

The Lord welcomes our questions. Yet, often, the answers we receive depend on what’s really behind them. If our inquiries stem from an earnest desire to learn about Him and experience Him more in our lives, then questions can bring us into greater understanding and truth. If we’re asking questions to avoid an answer that we already know is the right one, or to prolong our own disobedience and deflect from the fact that we really don’t want to do what God asks, then it is very unlikely that we will like the answers to these questions.

God is all knowing and all seeing. We should bring our questions to Him, especially when life’s road becomes rough or we’re angry and confused. Who else would be able to unravel life’s complexities? I encourage you today to bring your questions to the Lord. He is the only answer.