Exception Not the Rule

In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me. Psalms 56:4

Fear does not have to control us. Living under a cloud of dread is not what the Lord desires for His people. There are days when we encounter situations that rock us to the core…and we run and hide. Consequently, we’re discouraged and defeated because we believe we’ve failed to stand. Yet, our victory is assured when we turn our fears over to God.

Troubles come from all sides and no one is immune. We’re anxious all the time, constantly worrying, and unable to shake the feeling of unease. As we look around, it seems that the dark days have become more the rule than the exception. Nevertheless take heart, because living in the shadow of fear is the exception for a follower of Christ, not the rule.

When we let fears control us, we limit our growth, our influence, our peace, and our victory. There will be days when we run away from our problems, but there will also be days when we stand firm or take bold steps forward.

We can fight the devil’s attacks and gain the victory by standing on God’s Word and applying our faith. Daily we defeat these demons despite our struggles, and rejoice in the Lord’s blessings.