Exhausting Rest

Bible Verse:
Psalms 17:8

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.

Exhausting rest:

For those of us with “go-getter” personalities, it takes a lot of energy to simply relax and do nothing. It’s even harder when you know you’re more than capable of doing something, but have left the outcome entirely in the hands of someone else.

Deferring the option of solving our problems and leaving them to the Lord, can lead to a very exhaustive struggle with our flesh. We want the immediate satisfaction of knowing that we’ve taken action and the favourable outcome is on the way. However, that is not the essence of letting the Lord lead.

If we don’t truly rest in Jesus, we find ourselves tense, agitated, and anxious from fighting against our natural inclinations. We must hold ourselves back from taking steps forward until He’s spoken, and continue to remind ourselves that God
is in Control. He’ll let us know when to act and how best to do so.

Childlike faith is next to impossible on our own. Until we learn that there is no other way, we’ll get weary of putting our trust in God and jump ahead. We’ll create our own plans and put them into action. However, time and again, we’ll see
the disastrous results of our attempts to solve the problem ourselves.

Surrender means we give up the fight. If we’re still fighting, we haven’t surrendered.