Father Knows Best

He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? He that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know? Psalms 94:10

Good decision-making and problem-solving skills are attributes that carry us far in life. Everyday, we make countless decisions, both large and small. Accordingly, abilities such as these are transferable and beneficial in many areas. However, possessing good problem-solving skills is useless without spiritual discernment.

That’s why we must be totally dependent on God. Unfortunately, it’s against human nature to be totally reliant on anyone. So many times, during our spiritual development, we stray from the path and return to making our own decisions. We venture into dangerous territory, and only when trouble arises, do we look to the Lord to bring us back to safety.

Today, I encourage you to let your Heavenly Father guide your life. You know that He is all knowing and all-powerful. You
can lean on Him, and there’s no problem that He can’t solve.

The devil recognizes that if he can shake our belief in God, then he can completely turn our lives upside down. We
must believe that God will do all He says He will do despite evidence to the contrary. Believe in Him, for whatever He says will come true, just because He said it. Our steadfast trust in the Lord’s providence keeps us anchored through storm after storm. Therefore, stand firm and remember that your Heavenly Father knows best.