I Want To Be Inspired

But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. Job 32: 8

What inspires you? Is it the laughter of your children, a beautiful song, a verse of scripture or a great work of art?

Often, we confuse inspiration with motivation, when they are in fact very different things. Inspiration occurs on a higher, internal level, while motivation is the rationale for our behaviour. Inspiration affects your emotions and your intellect. It is often a divinely spiritual influence that causes wonderful things to happen and life-changing situations to occur.

Well, I have decided that I want to be inspired. It’s ok to be motivated by principle or my own inner drive to succeed, but I’d like to combine it with an inspired life. Inspiration stimulates and touches you deep within. It involves an encounter with someone or something that causes your spirit to soar and makes everything seem possible.

Inspiration feeds our soul and directs us to take steps that can change the world, change our lives or someone else’s
life. When you are divinely inspired, doors open and obstacles crumble. As we obey the call of inspiration, we act according to supernatural forces that enable us to accomplish things that benefit others and ultimately ourselves.

It is my prayer that today you will allow yourself to be inspired. Stand back and watch what happens.