Manage Your Emotions

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the LORD: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple. Jonah 2:7

Whether your laughing hysterically or crying uncontrollably, emotions convey what is often unconscious and deep within our hearts. They are a gift from God that allows us to spontaneously react to life’s experiences. However, because our emotions are responses to events that affect us, they sometimes get out of control. That’s why we must manage our emotions and not permit them to manage us.

If left unchecked, feelings can hold us captive and prevent us from experiencing true happiness. Feelings are real, but we must find out what it is we’re really feeling. We often have to guard against unresolved emotions from our past that negatively affects our current situation. For example, if a past relationship left you feeling insecure and less then sure of yourself, don’t project that feeling into your current relationship.

Anger and unforgiveness are emotions that trick us into believing we’re better off without the offending person. If we harbor anger, it will destroy us, often leading to loneliness and physiological issues. Even though we may be justified, it makes absolutely no sense to allow anger to control us. You will get angry, but deal with it right away. Don’t let it fester, causing more damage and a larger rift in your relationships.

Joy, sorrow, pain, and love are important sentiments. God gave us emotions so that we could genuinely respond to life’s
changing seasons. Emotions are a benchmark for the deep workings of our soul and allow us to express ourselves. Emotions have a place, just don’t let them rule your life.