Write The Vision

Bible Verse: Habakkuk 2:2

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Write The Vision

When I was a teenager, my cousin gave me my first Journal as a birthday present. Since then, I have filled countless pages of many different journals. I personally like to look back at what I’ve written over the years, as the lines chronicle my
personal history and evolution, both as a woman and a Christian. The words written on the pages show how God has worked through problems and helped me makes sense of so many confusing situations.

There are many different kinds of Journals: a prayer requests or praise report journal, which keeps a record of asked and answered prayer; a gratitude journal, where you list all the things that you’re grateful for each day; a dream journal where you write down your dreams, visions and aspirations; a health and lifestyle journal that focuses on the progress of changes you want to make for a healthier you; and a goals and achievement journal, where you indicate your short and long term goals. You can also write journals for your younger children that you can share with them when they’re older. Another great idea is a journal for your husband or, for those who are single, for your future husband.

Journals are wonderful, because they have many uses and benefits and the costs are low. They help you remember important moments and also give you a place to record those “aha’s” — when the vision suddenly becomes plain. When you write a problem or situation down, it helps you to see it more clearly and dispels confusion. In addition, when you regularly write your requests in a prayer journal, it assists you to leave your problem with the Lord and record how He has brought you through.

I encourage those that have not yet started a journal, to start chronicling your own personal journey each day. Always try to keep one with you, and writing in it at the same time each day also helps to establish this good habit.